Sunday, June 24, 2012

last day in Galapagos

Day 18

Today we made history. We were the last to see Lonesome George before his unexpected death. We went to the Charles Darwin Research Center and looked at the tortoises that are kept there for their own safety as well as for scientific research. We walked around the area and looked at all of tortoises, birds, iguanas, and finally stumbled upon Lonesome George. He appeared to have been taking a nap, but now that we know he died today we aren't sure if he was dead at the time we saw him. We took some photos of what we thought to be a perfectly healthy George then moved on to the iguanas. Around 11:30 we left the center and went back to the hostel for a little free time then put our swim suits on and went to lunch. After lunch we took a 45 minute walk to a secluded beach called Tortuga Bay and swam for an hour or so then headed back and had free time until dinner at 7. Our guide, Julian, suggested the slipper lobster in coconut sauce so I gladly ordered that and it was delicious! We had some ice cream after dinner then headed back to the hostel for our last uploading/blogging session.
Adios from the Galapagos!

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